The Hottest Nail Colors in 2019 According to the Co-Founder of OPI

The Hottest Nail Colors in 2019 According to the Co-Founder of OPI

Since OPI’s first color launch in 1989, I’ve created hundreds, even thousands, of nail lacquer shades. I study trends out of Paris and Milan for ideas on what consumers will be looking for in every industry that uses color – from cosmetics and furniture to clothing and accessories. Then, it’s up to me to translate the trends into what works best for nails.

When creating nail lacquers, I take a close look at fashion runways, prominent color palettes and textures. I travel often, drawing inspiration from street style, food, music, art and more.

Over the years, I’ve brought shoes, fabric swatches, photographs and all kinds of souvenirs back to my lab in Los Angeles. Along with my vivid memories, I’ll rely on these items when testing different colors. At times, I’ll find myself creating a dozen variations of one shade to get the perfect tone.

Tiny changes can give a color an unexpected twist. When developing the now-iconic shade You Don’t Know Jacques!, I mixed so many iterations before finally landing on the perfect greige (grey and beige); at the time, no one was wearing this color and few thought it would be a success, but it quickly became one of OPI’s bestsellers, and greige nails were wildly popular for years.

So, what shades and looks will be the most widely worn in 2019?

For color trends this spring, expect to see hues in tones of lavender and lilac, with a heavy dose of metallic and holographic shades as well. There’s a definite nod to the 80s and 90s, with pop colors that have a more modern twist. My top pick for the season is OPI’s Another Ramen-tic Evening, a dusty rose nail lacquer shade from the new Tokyo Collection.

Spring 2019: Nails want to make a statement this spring! We’ve been seeing a lot of crystals used in home and wellness; expect to see crystals in nail art as well, especially as accents to transparent nail looks. Transparent nails coated in clear and see-through colors, like sherbet hues of pink, yellow, green and blue, will be especially popular. Ombre style will continue as well with gradient nails.

Fall 2019: Later in the year, spring’s purples will take on darker, amethyst hues. Brilliant shades of rusty red, orange and deep green will also be the most likely to grace nails and toes this upcoming fall.

Nail lacquer is the perfect way to experiment with trends – it’s affordable, and so easy to adapt to fit your own personal style. When it comes to nails, I have always said, “nothing is taboo.” Regardless of your job, your age, your nail length, your skin tone—if you like it, wear it!

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